Feeling blue

Well no, not really, I just felt this picture would look best in a blueish tone, and right I was.

Not really a “look of the day” picture, since it wasnt intended to. I needed a new profile picture, so just messed with this till I felt I was pretty much done with it, so here it is, in all its PS-noobish glory :p And..since Im also blogging for ZombiePopcorn, I can focus a lil more on what I wanted to do when I started this blog..show of what I do in PS.

I’ll still be a good lil girl and add in the details of what I am wearing however.

Skin: :Curio: Pout-Pure

Hair: Magika // Sophie Coontail Edition // Blonde

Horns: .ILLUSORY. Horns_1a

Eyes: REPULSE – Nocturnal Eyes

Fullbody tat: [Gauze] Ice – Kayn Female

Shirt: [Cynful] Zone’s Off Shoulder Top – Black


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