I’m learning to walk again…

Well I have hijacked my wifey’s fictional reality and decided to make it my own, well maybe not completely but from time to time (Like when I remember) I shall be posting some of my favourite Lotd’s, now of course my PS skills officially fail, so if i happen to have a decent looking pic, basically it means shyn did it, just sayin’ so, firstly… Lotd, it’s a close up, i just really dig this mofo’ing hair… :D

Allrighty, stuff:

Shape: Mines

Skin: Laq mima peach

Eyeliner: Pekka kitty red

Smexy Hair: Lelutka Victoria coal mine

Facial piercings: Pekka crisis (edited)

Necklaces: Hod nothing’s necklace, sinistyle shark tooth

Other piercing : Hod bulletproof

Gloves: Plastik Lipstick muse

Nails: Mandala

Shirt: mon tissu Cropped tank grey

annnnd, that’ll do for now… Wifey has said she will show me the ways of PS, so she shall be the obi-wan to my annoying blonde laddie, that ruined star wars -.- Until then, enjoy my fail pics <33



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