So there I was, checking out Shyn’s ass,  when next thing you know she has me contributing to her Fictional Reality.  Be nice,  I’m new at this..

Skin:- Tableu Vivant – Vincent Platinum (courtesy of My Second Closet)

Shape:- Tableu Vivant – Vincent  (tweaked and modified by Moi)

Hair:- Scars – Last

Horns:- Illusion – Snarl

Pants :- <The Abyss> – Chaos Black

Belt:- n-Creation – Punk Not Dead

Wings :- Sensations – Sculpted Angel Wings

Ink :- Wicked Tattoos – Ivy

Hooves :- Violet Studios – Urban Demon Leather Boots

Neck :- Razoregalia – Gemma C  (plus some random Hunt gift..)

Tape :- Sinistyle – Taped Fist

Eyes :- Insufurable Destard – Half Vampire, Half Zombie

Makeup :- PMD – Bloody Tears,  Repulse – Clawed Eye

Peircings :- Virtual/Insanity – Cross-Eyed

Writs :- Uknown – Gothic Cross Bracelet, Razoregalia – Nornir Bracelet


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