Send me an angel…

Do you believe in heaven above? Yeah… Me neither… Anywho’s, I was playing on the sim and of course, inspiration!

Fallen in my opinion is one of the hottest damn sims on the grid… Just saying :P So I came over all angelic and decided to throw together a look… And here it is! Oh and yeah, Dom made the sim snow… so, yeah, ho ho ho motherf***ers…


Shape: mines!

Skin: Laq Mima peach

Makeups: nuunas, damned

Hair: Burley Babs top, Ana bottom

Tats: para designs paisley temptress

wings : Archon

Shirt?: Zaara Naina distressed shrug

Skirt: Sn@tch Nightmare skirt

Necklace: Mandala Karma fem

Nails: Mandala palette long

Piercing: pekka crisis (heavily edited)


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