We were called out to the streets…

  So, I thoroughly blame Alex for making me get bitten by the blogging bug againss :o Do not be taken in by her cute and adorable appearence she is EVIL :o Ok, maybe not evil but mildy mean :D Who am I kidding, still luffs her… Anyways, I was tweaking my graphics (yay for gaming pc monster!) and decided to do pics, now with shadows wewt :P Title is irrelevent btw, snow patrol tune I keep getting stuck in my head :D

Lotd Details at bottom:

Shape: Mines!

Skin: Laq mima peach

Hair: Magika Safe

Tats: Para Designs Paisley temptress

Piercings: pekka (face) puncture (belly) HoD (neck)

Nails and Necklace: Mandala

Boots: Kao suede fringe boots

Tights: d select nylon tights grey

Stockings: League Side gartered stockings dragon

Shirt: SU Good morning top

Skirt: Linc Ruffled mini tartan

Jacket: Coco Flight jacket


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