The shorter my skirt, the higher my heels…

Well howdy… Christmas is almost upon us and I can’t help but see all the happy joyous people, and yanno what! bah fucking humbug, I don’t know why but i’m just not in the christmas spirit, everything is so…Fake and comercial, I miss being a kid at Christmas, those were the days… Anywho’s this was my in character outfit for djing a christmas party at Fallen so I decided to take a few pics…

Shape: Mines!

Skin: Laq mima 2 peach

Tattoo’s: Para designs paisley temptress

Hair: Magika Safe (with christmas light addon)

Antlers: made by moi

Piercings: Back and chest-HoD, face-Pekka

makeup: Damned cateyes and nuuna’s

Shirt: Blacklace Laya bra and collar

Shoes: Mstyle Rivea in Rosso

Jeans: Luck inc low cut jeans Black


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