Dear Santa

We need to talk. Seriously..that was not what I asked for >.>

No, I keed, I had a lovely Christmas (or Jul, as we old heathens call it..we even celebrate it as its supposed to, on the 24:th :P), and I do hope all of you had a great X-mas too.

I was gonna hold out on these pictures for one more day, as I feel this gorgeous dress is best showed off on New Years, but having looked through my blog lately, and see people coming back every day, despite me not being able to post..well…I am so happy to have people returning, I do not want to lose readers now that I have you :p

So..end of the year, a new one coming. I hope the next one will be as good, or better, as the last one was. I know mine was pretty good, did some travelling, met some awesome people..both in SL and RL..and here in SL, my blog seems to be doing decently, people are actually buying the stuff I make. I have some pretty damn sweet people blogging with me here. All I can say is; Happy New Year everyone, I luffs you <3

Skin: -Glam Affair – Amelie skin – Contessa
Hair: [LeLutka]-JOLIE hair
Dress:[LeeZu!] NOiR Van Elisabeta Dress Version
Shoes: [LWL] Escarpa (Black Lady)

Location: Omega Point


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