Say hello to my little friend

I’ve been planning a military style for ages, going through different outfits and weapons (Yes Kinu, thats why I showed up at Glam Affair half nekkid, bruised and in camo gear before >.>, it was for a picture, I swear)

The hardest part was actually finding the right location, specially since I’d gotten into my head I wanted a jungle look to it. So, with Raubtier stuck in my head, I set out scouting for locations.

I found it o/ and I will be returning, it is absolutely gorgeous.

Skin: *League* Sia Wrecked -Fair
Hair: [LeLutka]-SCARAB hair/Dark Grayscale
Eyes: REPULSE – Raven Eyes
Tattoo: :: Tattoo Whipping Marks :: Coca & Wolf ::
Stomach scar: PMD – Carnage
Shirt: Davinel Ferocious – Magpie
Pants: <TheAbyss> [BatteredGrey]Army_Camo_Pants[BattleScars]
Boots: drd bootslazybuckblack
Armbands: [ bubble ] Survivor Bag & Straps
Bullet belt: Asphyxia Bullet Belt
Gun: *BREACH* Vulcan
Location: Enchanted Swansong


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