When TP’s Fail……..

What’s a demon to do, when while TPing to his favourite Tanning Salon, the space continuum throws it’s brand new Hello Kitty toy out of the pushchair and delicately dumps you in the path of a solid looking asteroid…

You got any idea how hard it is to take photo’s while your spinning through space ?…  Location.. Innis Space Park.

Skin:- Tableau Vivant – Adam (group Xmas gift)
Hair:- EMO-tions – Undercut Black
Hairbase:- **JOMO** – 08b & 08c (Stacked)
Neck:- +ROZOREGALIA+- Nornir B
Ear Piercing:- ::GB:: Achilleus (Group Gift)
Gloves:- SiniStyle – Taped Fist & Black Nails
Wrist:- N/A – Gothic Cross Bracelet (left & Right)
Eyes:- REPULSE – Living Dead (Normal)
Horns:- {Rue} – Horn’d/Inquisitor, Wraith Pack
Wings:- Sensations – Angel Wings (male)
Boots/feet:- Violet Studios – Urban DemonLeather Boots
Pants:- Tableau Vivant – Rhett Pants
Tattoo:- Pin Me Down – Fade 2


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