The Lonely Valentine….

Home alone on Valentines, we find our protagonist chilling at home…..

…and wondering where the hell those hookers he ordered have gotten too.

Eyes:- REPULSE – Living Dead Eyes
Hair:- …Scars…- Glico (Black)
Skin:- Tableau Vivant – Vincent (Platinum – group gift from way back)
Nose Piercing:- RAD – Nose Peircing (shadows)
Chest Piercing:- [-iPoke-] – Low-Key
Forehead Piercing:- VIRTUAL/INSANITY – Cross-eyed
Wrist – +ROZOREGALIA+ – Nornir Bracelet (both wrists)
Tail and Hooves:- [CLabs] – Demon Gen 1 (full avatar)
Horns:- Illusions – Snarl
Makeup:- A Netherworld – Dark and Mysterious
Boxers:- SAKIDE – Love Boxers

Bed:- Trompe Loeil – Novel Decor Bedroom Duo (Collabor88)

lil note…  JUST realized ya can’t see the tail much anywhere..  but it’s Wayyyy cool.


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