You’re no dame… I’m no duke…

So tomorrow is Valentines, a holiday I truly hate, especially when I’m single…Oh the joys, but, i decided I’d blog something cute and snazzy, so here goes… I grabbed my boy alt and got jiggy on some poseballs… He’s so cute, i would actually ride his face… Well, if he wasn’t me :P Anyways, on with the piccies, have a lovely V- day I hope all you loved up cretins die in a fire.

Look details!


Shape: mines

Skin: Lara skins- Emma pale

Hair: wasabi pills Kamiko in seafoam

Tattoos: pekka devil (throat) ][DK][ I love the way you lie (belly) Delusions glove tattoos star

Piercings: Pekka Crisis piercing (face, heavily edited) and Maniac ear piercings

Tights: Erratic fishnet tights white

Socks: Severed Garden (zombie popcorn hunt)

Lingerie: Boom – I promise (valentines edition 2011)

Shoes: N-core coquette spikes – clear pink


Shape: made by moi

Skin: Hemony Kriz

Jeans: Trapt

Tattoo: GoK Rock and Beer

And on a final note… This song… <3 I find incredibly romantic heh


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