100 posts, wewt

So, to celebrate this, I decided to blog a few more outfits in one go..and warning, there will be boobs >.>

As you all know by now, Im blogging for Whore Couture Fair, and it just opened, so hurry down there and buy all the things!

First up is a sexy lil dress from Paradisis

Next is a hawt lil number from Razorblade

and last but not least, a shirt from L`Exception and panties from SAKIDE

Keep in mind that a lot of the things I have blogged are exclusive to the Fair, so this will be your only chance to get them.

Skin: [ Al Vulo! ] – [ Polly ] – [ Natural Porcelain ]
Hair: TuTy’s GENIUS high ponytail – Black
Tattoo: – .HoD. – Fallen Tattoo Set
Boots: TEN”10 Megas boots black

Picture 1: PARADISIS Toxic Bitch Dress
Picture 2: =Razorblade Jacket= WCF Exclusive – Sundays Best Black Leather
Picture 3: L`Exception- Cropped T’s- These- Black and [ SAKIDE ] Desire High Waist Panties Black


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