Because I’m cute, that’s why

I blog mainly for myself, because I enjoy putting looks together and because I love taking pictures. So yeah, sometimes what I blog isn’t the latest, hot release of the day/week/whatever, it’s something I just felt like showing todays look. I started out with something slightly different, but realized Id blogged something very similar not too long ago, so I switched around some parts…and here we are now.

Hell, I shouldn’t even be blogging today as I should be busy in PS, getting new stuff finished for the World Goth Fair..and preparing for the Pose Fair, but nuuu, I just couldn’t help myself.

There, I shall stop typing now and head back in PS >.>

Skin: :Curio: Pout-Pure
Hair: Tameless Hair Dori
Eyes: .ID. Creature of the Night – White Hot Fury
Makeup: PMD – Set 7
Piercing: [-iPoke-] Illuminati
Collar: Cobrahive – Sureibu Collar
Necklace: Cobrahive – Beloved Thor
Nails: (r)M ~ Bangles w/ Ring & Nails (Silver)
Arm ribbons: [Nihilistic Asylum] Pandora’s Ribbons
Shirt: [ SAKIDE ] Lost City Tank Black
Panties: [ SAKIDE ] Slide/Slide ’em off Panties FU Black
Fishnets: :::Sn@tch Fishnet Tights (U):::
Leggings: :::Sn@tch Slick Leather Leggings:::
Shoes: SiniStyle Animosity Boots


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