The Depths Of My Closet…

One shopping drought later and I’m plumbing the depths of my Pre-blog closet….


Also.. found this rather cool lil location.  After much tweaking with windlight, I ended up with something that kinda looks like I didn’t.. <shrugs>.



Beard:- Emortal Concepts – Facial Hair Tattoo, Black Chin Curtain
Prim Beard:- .:ARI:. – Beard Native (black)
Eyes:- Pulse – Caroline #4
Hair:- Dura-boy – Straggely 05(Black)
Skin:- Tableau Vivant – Vincent July
Neck: – Earthstones – Jumoke Male Necklace
Ear Piercing:- Knock! – Claws
Gloves:- aVid – Requiem Outfit
Boots:- Bobbysocks – Mens Ankle Lockers
Pants & Belt:- TheAbyss – Male Chaos Leather Pants (black)
Eyeliner:- A Netherworld – The Eyes Have It
Shirt:- Schoen – Leder Shirt(blue)


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