That’s gonna start to smell…

When you find something that can be worn with lots of other stuff, then your damn well gonna wear it.  Right ?

  • Hair:- EMO-tions – Undercut Black
  • Hairbase:- Jomo – Etched hair 07b
  • Neck:- Axiom – Men’s Primal Directive
  • Ear Piercing:- Knock! – Buffy
  • Hooves:- AKA – Hooves Boots (black)
  • Horns:- {Rue} – Inquisitor Horns (wrought iron)
  • Pants:- RFyre – Acolyte mens leather pants
  • Face Makeup:- PMD – Set 6 06
  • Tattoo:- Custom iNKZ – Faces
  • Armour:- The Forge – Drezloire Armour
  • Corset:- Tableau Vivant – Minos Jacket

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