a rose for the dead

What is goth indeed? For me, it is this song. I fell in love with that song as a teenager, completely and utterly in love. It is thanks to that song alone I found metal…goth/death/black/doom/thrash..what have you..all of it. I called myself a goth when I was younger, dressed and looked the part. It made me who I am today. That is a lot to put on one song alone, but for me it is true. It is beautiful, and to this day when I listen to it, I can just sit back and smile.

The contrast of Liv’s voice against Raymond’s. Brightness against darkness. Beauty in darkness. It drew me in and I love it, it still gives me chills down my spine.

For quite some time I have meant to do pictures for this song, because I love it so much…but I really couldn’t think of anything I could ever do that would give such beauty justice. These pictures pale in comparison, I simply do not have the skill to capture in picture what this song tells me, no way, no how.  I tried tho, I did my best. I do not want to cheat and process these images in Photoshop for hours, cause that would be lying to you and to myself. ..both about the pictures, and what I am showing off.

Yes, I am showing off more things from the Goth Fair. It is an event I jumped on to take part in, and I am happy I got accepted…so very happy. The money donated goes to a very good cause, one I feel very strongly for, even if it was, sad to say, the first I heard about it.  Here is a link to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

As a person who dresses differently, listens to music that isn’t main-stream, and who is also damn proud of it, you can be sure I have had my fair share of abuse for it. I have heard so many mean things said about me, so many things thrown my way, so much abuse. They will not scare me into conforming into their little perfect world. I am who I am, and I am proud to be..I wish more could be. That is why I support this foundation. We should all be allowed to express how we feel by the way of our looks, by the music we listen to, without having to face abuse for it.

I ran out of words I belive. I can’t say more about this..but that is how I feel, and I support this cause with all my heart…because thats who I am. I am different, I support those who are.

Skin: – Glam Affair – Leah skin – Ethereal Sadness (previous Dressing Room)
Hair: [LeLutka]-JOLIE hair
Eyes: .ID. Creature of the Night – Stalker
Eyeliner: PMD – Liner 6 (Goth Fair gacha)
Lip-thingy: PMD – Lip Markings 6 (Goth Fair gacha)
Corset: [ SAKIDE ] Classic Goth Outfit (Goth Fair)
Lingerie: [ SAKIDE ] Amourette Lingerie Black
Gloves: [ SAKIDE ] Lace Up Gloves Red (Goth Fair gacha)
Roses: AtomicBambi Body Vine – Rapture


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