I have a friend who create’s stuff.

Sometimes this friend really takes my breath away.. Ya know.. those moments when “Wow” is about the only suitable word.

YOU know who ya are..

Ooh oh.. and I now own Mesh.  Two pieces even !!



  • Ears:- Illusions – Fairy Ears
  • Eyes:- Pulse – Caroline #4
  • Hair:- Wasabi Pills – Teeloh (blacks)
  • Hairbase:- JOMO – Etched hair 07 (b&c stacked)
  • Skin:- Tableau Vivant – Vincent (july)
  • Belt:- Primitive Design – Rock Kidd Belt
  • Neck:- Unseelie Cord Necklace (Hunt reward at some point)
  • Face Piercing:- HoD – Reach (Slide – M)
  • Ear Piercing:- Knock! – Claws
  • Nipples n Neck:- iPoke – Low-Key
  • Hands:- SiniStyle – Taped Fist & Black Nails
  • Wrist R:- Gothic Cross Bracelet (Hunty reward)
  • Wrist L:- RAZOREGALIA – Nornir Bracelet
  • Boots:- Bobbysocks – Mens Ankle Loggers
  • Pants:- Davinel – Unleashed
  • Tattoo:- Pin Me Down – Camo

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