One voice

We stand as one. United, for a greater cause, helping someone in need. I see it time and time again here in SL, the generosity warms my heart whenever a worthy cause pops up.

By now none of you can have missed the whole ordeal with Curio. If you have, you have seriously been living under a rock and need to go read this right away. I support Gala, did from the second I heard about it, so for me it is great to see the community come together like this and set up an event on such short notice. Do take a few seconds to read the notice from Gala herself aswell.

As a content creator, albeit a small one, I can not begin to describe how important this is, and it means the world to me that I can help out, in any small way. Now, if you excuse me, I have to go buy All the things! >.>

Skin: :Curio: Moonbeam-Jewel-Sapphire
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Princess Mesh Hair – Blacks Pack
Lipstick: PMD – Lipgloss
Piercing: – .HoD. – Torli’ai Piercing Set
Shirt: [nn] -SHORT LONGSLEEVE -black &white
Skirt: [ SAKIDE ] Letter from Paris Outfit Black (One Voice)


I will blog what guyalt is wearing at a later date, he is currently going through a makeover..aaaaalmost done, I just need to buy him more pants..and shirts..and shoes…and and and..


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