Lady of the dark

Are you tired of fantasy yet? No? Good, cause a new event just started. We <3 Role-Play kicks off today, and me being sneaky as usual snuck in and scored some goodies. Quite a lot of goodies in fact so I’ll be blogging this event a lot more.

We <3 Role-play is a brand new event that will start on the 4th of every month, ending on the last day of the month. It already has a whole heap of amazing designers, some regulars and some will be guest designers. I’ll come back and update this post with a slurl as soon as the event is officially open.

Skin: -Glam Affair- Leah Light –
Hair: >TRUTH< Guinevere – reds
Eyes: {D.A} Sinistre – Blind Grey
Makeup: PMD – The Warrior (Fantasy Faire)
Nails: Slink Enhancement Fingernails
Nail appliers: PMD – Black and White
Outfit: :[Plastik]:-Roleplay:// Thresh Outfit (We <3 Role-play)
Gem: . a i s l i n g . Deandra’s Eye (We <3 Role-play)


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