Tutorial – Highlights and shadows

I’m back with one more tutorial today.

This time I’m going over how I highlight and shadow my pictures for blogging. The first part is a lot thanks to Berrys tutorial here. I didn’t use adjustment layers for shadowing/highlights that much before, but after looking at her video, I saw how simple that was, so do check it out.

I’m also going over a few other tricks I picked up over time. Enjoy, and remember, these things can be used for other things as well, like that Soft Light trick I do with the eyes, also works for brightening up hair and darker clothes and so on.


3 thoughts on “Tutorial – Highlights and shadows

  1. Thank you so much for making these tutorials. They are extremely helpful and informative. Please continue to make more! :-)

    • Thank you very much :)
      I will for sure do more, they turned out to be more fun to do then I thought.

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