Why another blog? Well why not.

I’ll be blogging whatever I feel like, be it stuff I picked up years ago, or new releases. This wont be your one in a million fashion blog where only the latest gets shown. If I put an outfit together and I like it enough to actually drag myself to my studio/some nice looking place to take pictures, it will end up here.

Some pictures will be Photoshopped, some will not, so as always, take a look in-world at the item yourself before picking it up.

As for me?

Well, I am Shyntae Demonista in world, randomly hopping about my alts, but you will most likely find me on Shyn, wandering about the world.


Might be worth noting, after having seen this happen more then a few times;

Neither myself, nor any of the people blogging with me will ever approach a creator and ask for free stuff to blog. If you see anyone doing this, claiming to be me, or blogging for me, that is a lie and you have my full permission to point and laugh.

I do what most good bloggers do, I sign up for events if I see an event Id like to participate in, or fill out whatever necessary forms needed. I do not beg for handouts…ever. As most other bloggers do, I buy most of the things I feature.

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