On window panes, the icy frost…..

I’m thinking that this guy just doesn’t quite get the concept of a Snow Cone, going for a more direct approach….

Came across this “Snow Art” at one of my fav stores.  Quite a few people sell similar stuff on Ye Old Marketplace,  but this guys stuff capture what Calvin was going for best.

Shirt:- **Guarded Cross** – Black Leather Shirt
Pants:- Metal Gear – Leather Celtic Pants
Gloves:- aVId – Requiem (outfit)
Hair:- Dura-Boy – 05 Straggly
Skin:- Tablea Vivant – Vincent, July
Eyes:- Pulse – Caroline #4
Belt:- *BLITZED* Classic Belt v.2
Boots:- Bobbysocks – Mens Ankle Loggers
Neck :- +RAZOREGALIA+ – Gemma/C
Peircings, Ear:- ::Knock!:: Buffy Earring
Peircings, Brow:- ::Knock!:: G.g C003

Location:- Sinistyle

These actually came out darker than i’d have liked, but then I’ve only just discovered this “Windlight” button.