Here comes trouble

It has been a while since I took some pictures with Roth. Always such an easy model to work with too, like..”stand there, wear that and shush” and it works, without complaints. *grins* Also, since I did get these awesomesauce guns by Breach as a belated birthday gift, I figured the least I could do is take some pictures.

On me
Skin: *League* Sia Fair
Hair: Magika Hair // Nayla
Eyes: .ID. Hotpink Flare / Mesh Eyes / The Arcade
Guns with holsters: *BREACH* Raven
Corset: [ SAKIDE ] Bloody Buckled Leather Corset
Shorts: Kyoot – High Waisted Micro Pants
Socks: *Epic* Faun -Black- Garter Socks
Boots: A&Y Deuz Boots Metallic

on Roth
Eyes:- Pulse – Caroline 4
Hair:- Scars – Glico (black)
Skin:- Tableau Vivant – Vincent July
Guns:- *BREACH* – Raven
Neck:- EarthStones – Jumoke Male Necklace
Boots:- Bobbysocks – Mens Angle Loggers
Pants:- Immerchoen – Leather Pants ‘Zipper’ Camo
Top:- Scars – Mesh T-shirt(wine)



A Night At The Opera

Not everyone “gets” Opera…

…. but stick a crap load of guitars and a fuckoff drum line behind it and your sorted.

Ears:- Illusions – Fairy Ears
Beard:- Emortal Concepts – Blk Chin Curtain, – ARI – Beard Native
Eyes:- Repulse – Living Dead Eyes
Hair:- Raw House – Urban Savage 2
Hairbase:- JOMO – Etched hair 07b & 07c
Skin:- Tableau Vivant – Ryan sent to destroy 4
Face Piercing: – HOD – Reach Set (modded)
Ear Peircings:- Knock! – Claws
Wrist:- Death Row Designs – Spikey Bracelet
Shoes:- Bobbysocks – Mens Angle Loggers
Pants:- Davinel – Unleashed
Face Makeup:- Pin Me Down – Set 6 02
Top:- Connors – See-Through Men Camo black
Neick:- Ama-Designs – Rusty Cross Necklace

Location – The Looking Glass :

General Wandering.

Figuring out what to wear is the first bit, sure, but the wandering around looking for locations can find ya saying “coo” lots..

Location: Leviathan – Vanguard Bastion VN-181, Leviathan (254, 54, 21), cute lil combat sim, friendly natives  (apart from the guns, of course).

Skin:- Tableau Vivant – Vincent July
Eyes:- Pulse – Caroline #2
Makeup:- Sorry.Asia – Eyeliner (1)
Hair:- ::Exile:: – Pulse, Mercury
Belt: – *BLITZED* – Classic Belt v.2
Neck:- Uknown – Cord Necklace (off some hunt or other,  i think.)
Ear Peircing:- ::Knock!:: – Buffy
Pants:- Immerchoen – Zipper Camo Leather Pants
Shirt:- **Guarded Cross** – Black Suade Shirt G2 GC Edition
Boots:- Bobbysocks – Mens Ankle Loggers
Gloves:- AVid – Requiem (outfit)

Roth goes shopping.

Sometimes.. you wander into a store that takes the breath away before you even get to what they’re selling…

And for once,  I thought i’d experiment a little with shadows…


Eyes:- Repluse – Living Dead
Hair:- *BC322 – Rock Me
Belt:- Little Britain Designs – Fallen Outfit
Neck:- +Rozorgalia+ – Nornir Necklace
Nose Peircing:- [-iPoke-] – Element
Wrist:- *BLITZED* – Legacy Cuffs
Gloves:- aVid – Requiem Outfit
Boots:- Bobbysocks – Mens Ankle Loggers
Pants:- Davinel – Unleashed
Tattoo:- Roth-en – Tribal Silver Cross II

Boots 101

Not enough Thigh Length Boots around for guys if ya ask me.. !

  1. Skin:- Tableu Vivant –  Vincent July
  2. Hair:- MADesigns –  Mark, Black I
  3. Tattoo:- Obscene Tattoo – Ribbed
  4. Vest:- Guarded Cross -Tribe Tank G2
  5. Pants:- Guarded Cross – Black Leather Pants V2
  6. Boots:- Bobbysocks – Celtic Black Guys Thigh High
  7. Belt:-  Primitive Design – Rock Kidd Belt
  8. Wrists:- (R)Razorgalia -Nornir – (L)*BLITZED* – Legacy Cuff
  9. Neck:- GB – Black Bead Necklace, mens
  10. Gloves:- aVid – Requiem
  11. Eyes:- (ya can’t see ’em.  I really shoulda done something about that)