Playing with dolls

Skin: -Glam Affair – Giselle – Sent to Destroy
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Cookie Mesh Hair
Eyes: .ID. Creature of the Night – White Hot Fury
Eyeliner: PMD – Liners
Makeup: PMD – Not released yet :>
Lip liner: PMD – Lip Markings
Nails: :+*R*+: Nail Gouttes
Shirt: ::1bp:: Glomesh Halter Black
Pants: [ SAKIDE ] EveryDay Mesh Jeans Black
shoes: N-core EMPORIUM “Pure Black”
Props and poses: LostAngel


Randomness on a car

Myes, as always I come up with brilliant ideas on what to name my blogposts, so this one is courtesy of a friend >.>

Im wearing:

Skin: -Glam Affair- Leah Light – 02
Hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^ Amylee HairStyle/Black-White
Eyes: .ID. Creature of the Night – Stalker
Eyeshadow: PMD – Simple Shadows
Lipstick: PMD – Lipgloss
Beauty mark: PMD – Beauty mark 1 (Not released yet)
Earrings:  .:CoLL:. The Weaver Earrings  (Horror Haute)

Outfit: [ SAKIDE ] Cherry Pin-Up Outfit for Chic²
Shoes: N-core EMPORIUM “Pure Black”

and Kinu is wearing:


Skin : -Glam Affair- Leah Light – 02
Eyes : Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye
Hairs : booN QPT129 hair platinum
Make-up : PMD – Simple shadows & {D.A} Simple Liquid Liners
Ears : Schadenfreude Changeling Ears

Piercing : – .HoD. – TV Piercing 1 – Slide
Ears Piercing : – .HoD. – Downward Spiral Gauge for Chic²
Necklace : .:A&M:. My Fabulous Necklace – White Pearls
Rings : VITO black ring & [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] FANG YIN Ring
Bangles : (epoque.s) Menotte de la Nuit


Outfit : [ SAKIDE ] Pastel Pin-Up Outfit Blue for Chic²
Shoes : N-core EMPORIUM “White”

For those about to rock

We salute you.

New hunt coming up which I managed to get a hold of some goodies, The Drafted Hunt, which starts on the 20:th.

Skin: :Curio: Pout-Pure
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Teeloh Mesh Hair
Eyes: .ID. Creature of the Night – Stalker
Makeup: PMD – Make up set2 03
Pants: – piccara – Army Jeans (Drafted Hunt)
Boots: [ SAKIDE ] Army Girl Boots (Drafted Hunt)

a rose for the dead

What is goth indeed? For me, it is this song. I fell in love with that song as a teenager, completely and utterly in love. It is thanks to that song alone I found metal…goth/death/black/doom/thrash..what have you..all of it. I called myself a goth when I was younger, dressed and looked the part. It made me who I am today. That is a lot to put on one song alone, but for me it is true. It is beautiful, and to this day when I listen to it, I can just sit back and smile.

The contrast of Liv’s voice against Raymond’s. Brightness against darkness. Beauty in darkness. It drew me in and I love it, it still gives me chills down my spine.

For quite some time I have meant to do pictures for this song, because I love it so much…but I really couldn’t think of anything I could ever do that would give such beauty justice. These pictures pale in comparison, I simply do not have the skill to capture in picture what this song tells me, no way, no how.  I tried tho, I did my best. I do not want to cheat and process these images in Photoshop for hours, cause that would be lying to you and to myself. ..both about the pictures, and what I am showing off.

Yes, I am showing off more things from the Goth Fair. It is an event I jumped on to take part in, and I am happy I got accepted…so very happy. The money donated goes to a very good cause, one I feel very strongly for, even if it was, sad to say, the first I heard about it.  Here is a link to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

As a person who dresses differently, listens to music that isn’t main-stream, and who is also damn proud of it, you can be sure I have had my fair share of abuse for it. I have heard so many mean things said about me, so many things thrown my way, so much abuse. They will not scare me into conforming into their little perfect world. I am who I am, and I am proud to be..I wish more could be. That is why I support this foundation. We should all be allowed to express how we feel by the way of our looks, by the music we listen to, without having to face abuse for it.

I ran out of words I belive. I can’t say more about this..but that is how I feel, and I support this cause with all my heart…because thats who I am. I am different, I support those who are.

Skin: – Glam Affair – Leah skin – Ethereal Sadness (previous Dressing Room)
Hair: [LeLutka]-JOLIE hair
Eyes: .ID. Creature of the Night – Stalker
Eyeliner: PMD – Liner 6 (Goth Fair gacha)
Lip-thingy: PMD – Lip Markings 6 (Goth Fair gacha)
Corset: [ SAKIDE ] Classic Goth Outfit (Goth Fair)
Lingerie: [ SAKIDE ] Amourette Lingerie Black
Gloves: [ SAKIDE ] Lace Up Gloves Red (Goth Fair gacha)
Roses: AtomicBambi Body Vine – Rapture

Now..what is goth?

To you? To me? It’s all quite different depending on who you ask. Goth for me is one thing, and I’ll elaborate more on that in my next post, for now I would however like to show off a brand new outfit from SAKIDE, which will be available at the Goth Fair that starts the 15:th. Classic goth..Id say thats pretty close to the goth I had in, corset <3 Corsets makes me a very happy Shyn, and this one is quickly growing on me. It fit quite well right away. I usually have to adjust my breasts a bit to make a full mesh corset fit, but no need for this one. And yes, yes, I know…I am one of those annoying people who will not change my shape for anything..evar! Corsets however I will adjust for, as the exact same thing will happen irl if you wear a makes your waist slightly smaller (alpha layer) and move your breasts up a bit (shape). This I can live with, tho yes, I will still grumble a bit at having to make yet another shape.

Ahwell, enough talking about my boobs, they are not that interesting, on to the pics of said outfit;

Skin: -Glam Affair- Leah Light
Hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^ Amylee HairStyle
Eyes: .ID. Creature of the Night – Stalker
Makeup: PMD – Liner 5 – Gacha (Goth Fair)
Outfit: [ SAKIDE ] Classic Goth Outfit (Goth Fair)
Shoes: Opium Extreme AnkleBoots

Without hope, without fear

A little birdie just whispered in my ear that these pants are now available in more colours, but since Im a bit behind on my blogging I am showing them in black.

Another round of ZombiePopcorn Brand just started, and I am wearing (as the cheeky fucker I am) my own latest release, Bad Camo, which can be found here.

Skin: -Glam Affair – Giselle – Sent to Destroy (Culture Shock)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Jacqueline Mesh Hair
Eyes: .ID. Creature of the Night – Stalker
Horns: [ContraptioN] Gallant Capricus Horns
Body tat: PMD – Bad Camo (ZombiePopcorn Brand)
Nails and bangles: (r)M ~ Bangles w/ Ring & Nails
Pants: [ SAKIDE ] Smoking Suit MESH Pants Black
Boots: [LWL] Escarpa (Black Lady)

Danger, danger

High Voltage!

Cause thats where this smexy black leathery outfit from SAKIDE comes from. Oh yes, it’s hunting time again, and this is one hunt Im deffo keeping my eyes on, Ive seen some good stuff in it already, and Im sure there is lots more, I just havent had time to finish it yet.

Now..the danger with blogging while listening to music is that I just had to sit on my hands to resist the urge to strike a pose and sing out loud to myself “I shout it loud and proud, I am the hyper star”. Yes, I do love my Samael >.> (Serious bonus points if you know what song that is without checking :P)

See Kinu, I told you I would run and buy a white/silver catsuit once you finished this outfit..and I was right, I does look awesome together. :P

Skin: -Glam Affair – Giselle – Sent to Destroy
Hair: -dDx- Ohna – Dark Greys
Eyes: .ID. Creature of the Night – Stalker
Makeup: PMD – Lip Markings (Will be released during Goth Fair)
Catsuit: SLink Vixen Catsuit White
Straps and stuff: [ SAKIDE ] Dangerous Leather Outfit
Shoes: Opium Extreme AnkleBoots
Prop and poses: LostAngel