The shorter my skirt, the higher my heels…

Well howdy… Christmas is almost upon us and I can’t help but see all the happy joyous people, and yanno what! bah fucking humbug, I don’t know why but i’m just not in the christmas spirit, everything is so…Fake and comercial, I miss being a kid at Christmas, those were the days… Anywho’s this was my in character outfit for djing a christmas party at Fallen so I decided to take a few pics…

Shape: Mines!

Skin: Laq mima 2 peach

Tattoo’s: Para designs paisley temptress

Hair: Magika Safe (with christmas light addon)

Antlers: made by moi

Piercings: Back and chest-HoD, face-Pekka

makeup: Damned cateyes and nuuna’s

Shirt: Blacklace Laya bra and collar

Shoes: Mstyle Rivea in Rosso

Jeans: Luck inc low cut jeans Black


Send me an angel…

Do you believe in heaven above? Yeah… Me neither… Anywho’s, I was playing on the sim and of course, inspiration!

Fallen in my opinion is one of the hottest damn sims on the grid… Just saying :P So I came over all angelic and decided to throw together a look… And here it is! Oh and yeah, Dom made the sim snow… so, yeah, ho ho ho motherf***ers…


Shape: mines!

Skin: Laq Mima peach

Makeups: nuunas, damned

Hair: Burley Babs top, Ana bottom

Tats: para designs paisley temptress

wings : Archon

Shirt?: Zaara Naina distressed shrug

Skirt: Sn@tch Nightmare skirt

Necklace: Mandala Karma fem

Nails: Mandala palette long

Piercing: pekka crisis (heavily edited)

We have such sights to show you

Sorry, Hellraiser outfit, so I kinda had to use that title >.>

After much bugging from Roth, I finally did a Halloween-themed picture of us three bloggers :>

So yeah, enjoy Roth the stabbed vampire (0.O), Shyn the cenobite and that crazy bint in the background, aka my wifey Acacia.

Roth is wearing
Eyes :- Repulse – Living Dead Eyes
Hair :- Emotions – Undercut, black.
Hair Base :- **JOMO** – Etched Hair 08b & 08c stacked
Skin :- Tableau Vivant – Zero Halloween Group Gift
Pants & Belt :- <Abyss> Chaos Leather Pants and Belt
Neck :- Ama-Designs – Rusty Cross Necklace
Ear :- Knock! – Buffy Earring
Face Piercings :- Virtual/Insanity – Morbid Extravaganza and Cross-Eyed Piercing
Eyebrow Piercing :- Letis – G.G C003
Tape :- Sinistyle – Taped Fist
Knife :- Insanya – Kife Back (part of Zombiepopcorn hunt reward)
Boots :- L&B – Lace Ups Platform, Brushed
Tattoo :- Letis – Dichotomy
Bloody Eyes :- Pin Me Down – Zombiepopcorn hunt
Scars n scrapes :- Hysteria – Rock me deeper, – Repulse – Clawed Eye Face

on Acacia:
shape -mines!!! home made
skin- laq-mima-peach
hair- lelutka – mourray
eyes- den dou – vampire eyes gold
makeup- Nuuna’s face tattoos kitty
kyoot makeup cateyes-bardot
catsuit- slink vixen
piercing-pekka crisis (heavily edited)
tail- cattire neko tail simple
ears- catwise neko ears
collar- fet!sh ring station collar
necklace-hod-nothing’s necklace
lashes- redgrave-diva
chaisuki lashes26

And on Shyn:
Skin: -Glam Affair – Layla Light skin – my sweet vampire
Hair: -dDx- Aura – Dark Greys
Eyes: REPULSE – Nocturnal Eyes
Outfit: Hellraiser Bound (Little Britain Designs, full avatar)
Tattoo: PMD – Bloody mess and REPULSE – Bloodbath Full Body Tattoo
Boots: ::{Favole} Crypt

I’m learning to walk again…

Well I have hijacked my wifey’s fictional reality and decided to make it my own, well maybe not completely but from time to time (Like when I remember) I shall be posting some of my favourite Lotd’s, now of course my PS skills officially fail, so if i happen to have a decent looking pic, basically it means shyn did it, just sayin’ so, firstly… Lotd, it’s a close up, i just really dig this mofo’ing hair… :D

Allrighty, stuff:

Shape: Mines

Skin: Laq mima peach

Eyeliner: Pekka kitty red

Smexy Hair: Lelutka Victoria coal mine

Facial piercings: Pekka crisis (edited)

Necklaces: Hod nothing’s necklace, sinistyle shark tooth

Other piercing : Hod bulletproof

Gloves: Plastik Lipstick muse

Nails: Mandala

Shirt: mon tissu Cropped tank grey

annnnd, that’ll do for now… Wifey has said she will show me the ways of PS, so she shall be the obi-wan to my annoying blonde laddie, that ruined star wars -.- Until then, enjoy my fail pics <33


I has a wifey


I have several actually, but here is one I managed to drag into my studio in between her sets.

I’ve been running around in pretty much all white the entire week, and thankfully she changed into something black and white so I didn’t have to think up a completely new outfit from what I originally had in mind..yush, she is all sorts of awesome <3  and yummy too.

And I swear, I took pics of the other pose she did, SL just decided to be mean and not save them for me..I’m sorry wifey >.> I shall spank it for you

And the actual style, without any editing.

Acacia is wearing:
shape : made by Aca
skin: laq mima peach
skirt: H+K white sugar panier (long)
necklaces/collar : Hod nothings necklace, sinistyle sharktooth (v.old) redmint studded collar
piercing: pekka crisis
makeup: damned you wish
tattoo: para designs snakebite
gloves: NS Mizer gloves
nails: mandala Long
Hair: magika Porcelain
corset : schadenfreude stripe and polka
shrug: zaara distressed shrug
shoes: slink ashia point ballet slipper onyx

And on me:
Shape: Mine
Skin: *League* Skin Sia Fair -Storm
Eyes: REPULSE – Nocturnal Eyes
Collar: SiniStyle Posture Collar (D-Rings)
Hair: Magika – Nayla
Dress: [ SAKIDE ] Hallow’s Heart Dress White
Fishnet: [ SAKIDE ] Mesh Ripped Leggings (from the Bloody Kimono in the previous ZombiePopcorn hunt)
Shoes: [Gos] Curvaceous Boots in White