Forgive me

for I have sinned.

I am one of those few people who are “I will not change my shape for anything, Shyn is Shyn and shall remain so”. That is, untill I saw this corset at PW and I just had to have it. Problem is I didnt quite..erm..fill it out, so I may have given Shyn a lil boob-job >.>

Not a whole lot tho, just enough to make it seem she is actually wearing a corset..but still, it feels wrong to me as Shyn hasnt changed in so long.

Skin: -Glam Affair- CHIC Limited March – Mary on fire (Last years Chic limited)
Hair: Magika [01] Escape
Eyes: REPULSE – Mystic Eyes
Makeup: PMD – Crying2
Collar: [LH] Posture Collars
Corset: *Tentacio* Darkness corset black
Gloves: Nomine Gloves – taped full length
Pants: ++PE++ Scorn Pants- Ripped w Blood
Boots: .:L&B:. “Gothic Platforms” Skull sole Set :W
Poses: D.Luxx – ::WetCat:: – Miamai – Y’s Art&Poses (found at Pose Fair)
Location: Virtual Decay

Where would we be?

Pose Fair is indeed my favorite time of the year in SL. Just imagine how boring pictures would be without a good pose. Yeah, not pretty. A good pose can inspire me to explore the grid, find that exact spot where I want to take the picture, fiddle around with the outfit, adjust the camera angle to make it even more interesting..all the good stuff that comes with making an interesting picture. Not saying I’m an awesome photographer or anything, I’m far from, but I have fun doing it and I learn as I go and that is what is important to me.

So, poses are very important indeed, and I know I can be very bad at crediting what poses I used but I’m gonna try to get better at it.

Aand I should prolly stop typing as Im not really the witty writer I imagine myself to be, as I see I already started repeating myself >.> Not that I have much more to say anyways besides from “omnom corset <3”

Skin: [ Al Vulo! ] – [ Polly ] – [ Natural Porcelain ]
Hair: TuTy’s GENIUS high ponytail – Black
Eyes: REPULSE – Mystic Eyes
Makeup: PMD – Set 8
Collar: [LH] Posture Collars
Cuffs: ..::DeliciouS::.. Picky
Nails: :+*R*+: Nail Aleko Devil
Corset: Hello Spacegirl – Ilia Corset
Outfit: [ SAKIDE ] Latex Bodysuits White for Corset Lust Hunt
Shoes: [ SAKIDE ] Latex Stompers White
Poses from WorN and Miamai
Location: S.I.C

I said I wasn’t gonna do this

But my wife made me, I swear! *runs and hides*

Skin: [ Al Vulo! ] – [ Polly ] – [ Natural Porcelain ]
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Cherilyn Mesh Hair
Eyes: Violet Studios – Firepit Eyes Stone
Tears: PMD – Crying2
Collar: [LH] Posture Collars
Harness: ::: B@R ::: CL Harness
Outfit: Graves – G179 Crossfire
Cuffs: ..::DeliciouS::.. Picky
Shoes: TEN”10 Megas boots black
Chair by Diesel Works, Pose by DeePosed, background by oOo Studios

Devil Seed

A little seed planted eats through your soul
You’re not worthy when you’re afraid and alone
Without warning it starts to grow
Spreading sickness inside your bones

Sorrow, devastation
My glasshouse cracks in two
Panic, desperation
I die for you

No, I couldnt find any lyrics that fit better then Candlemass – Devil Seed…this could be because Im still in a “omgah i love Doom metal oh so much” kinda phase >.>

Skin: ~Mynerva~Night Drow
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Mimi Hair –
Eyes: Violet Studios – Firepit Eyes Stone
Tears: PMD – Crying2
Collar: [LH] Bestial Black Posture Collar
Tattoo: ~Cannibelle~ Patti Subscriber Gift
Armbands: .:A&M:. Bone Outfit
Cuffs: ..:: DeliciouS ::.. Picky
Wings: VS Maester II Wings
Top: [ SAKIDE ] Heart Keeper Dress for ZombiePopcorn Hunt
Panties: [ SAKIDE ] Slide/Slide ’em off Panties Black
Ripped Leggins: *Sheer* Leggings
Horns: [][]Trap[][] Xeno Black
Hooves and tail: Chrysallis Labs
Location: Chouchou

Dead Angel

Or fallen, really, as that is basically what the Shyn-demon is.

Now better watch out, as she is sneaking in your backyard, hiding behind tress >.>

im in ur backyardz, hiding behind stuffs

These awesome horns are a huntgift from Rue, so you gotta look around a lil before you find em, as they were rather well hidden.

I’ve had these pics since yesterday all ready to go, so no worries, I’ll be posting the lingerie pics soon enough :>

Skin: [rQ]Greed@TYPE.o5-NUDE+LINER.o4
Hair: Nomine Babylon Hair (part of Babylon outfit)
Hairbase: AITUI – Etched Hair Base – Egypt –
Eyes: .ID. Creature of the Night – White Hot Fury
Horns: .{Rue}. Horn’d/Matchmaker – Bloody: Dominion (ridged)
Collar: [LH] Bestial Black Posture Collar
Tail and hooves: Chrysallis Labs
Shirt: ED – Enclave – Ebon –
Outfit: [LeeZu!] Jeanne van Dark /black

I’ll be your little helper

As this look got dubbed sexretary yesterday, I found that only fitting.

And as promised, here is the pencil skirt I a new smexy shirt from SAKIDE.

Skin: :GP: Moonbeam
Hair: Magika Hair // Paisley
Eyes: .ID. Creature of the Night – White Hot Fury
Collar: [LH] Wolfring Black Posture Collar
Shirt: [ SAKIDE ] Cache-Coeur Top Black
Corset: Schadenfreude Noir Something Wicked Corsets
Skirt: {mon tissu} Oxford Pencil Skirt / Rigged Mesh
Shoes: N-core ULTRAPLATFORM “Noir Intense”


Someone who really inspired me to start blogging because of her unique style is Mourna Bizou, so its only fair to show..I guess a little tribute to her, by the dress named after her.

Skin: :Curio: Pout-Pure
Hair: -dDx- Aura – Dark Greys
Eyes: REPULSE – Nocturnal Eyes
Collar: [LH] Wolfring Black Posture Collar
Tattoo: – .HoD. – Fallen Tattoo Set
Piercing: – .HoD. – Scorpio Piercing Collection
Outfit: (Violet) Mourna ~silentsparrow~
Boots: *DD* Sonata Dark Boots Black (DillyDolls)

Randomness ftw

First off, I has new releases o/ Blogged here, so not gonna bother more with that. Buut, all I have to say, its cute cute cute, ya know ya want em ;)

Second, I know I’ve been a lazy blogger lately, but eh, been rather busy irl. Thats my story and Im sticking with it.

Aand, its my RL birthday, so Im gonna continue being a tad lazy today by posting a picture I should have posted a couple of weeks ago >.>

Skin: -Glam Affair- Layla Light skin
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Gabriel
Eyes: REPULSE – Nocturnal Eyes
Make up: PMD – Make up set2
Collar: [LH] Posture Collars
Horns: .ILLUSORY. Horns_1a
Corset: [ SAKIDE ] Passion Lust Corset Black White
Panties: [ SAKIDE ] Slide/Slide ’em off Panties FU Black
Shoes: Slink Lulu Stilettos Black

Chair by Diesel Works

So, more black and red

Two colours that can never go wrong..only this time less gory. And yay for finding another dress that goes so well under this corset. Ive been more or less abusing Sassy Kittys Barcode dress, cause thats pretty much the only one I had that really fit with the I have a new one, and I love it.

Skin: :Curio: Pout-Pure ALL TONES
Hair: Magika // B&W Pack // Nayla
Eyes: :::unBra::: Eyes 08 (left) and [Plastik]-VaeCollection-LFT-Starlight (right)
Dress: [Sassy Kitty Designs] Meadow Dress Black
Corset: Schadenfreude Violet Stripe & Polka Dots Corsets
Shoes: <TheAbyss> F_Boots//Stompers [Black]
Horns: .ILLUSORY. Horns_1a
Make up: Mine
Collar: [LH] Posture Collars
Piercings: [-iPoke-] Illuminati