Devil Seed

A little seed planted eats through your soul
You’re not worthy when you’re afraid and alone
Without warning it starts to grow
Spreading sickness inside your bones

Sorrow, devastation
My glasshouse cracks in two
Panic, desperation
I die for you

No, I couldnt find any lyrics that fit better then Candlemass – Devil Seed…this could be because Im still in a “omgah i love Doom metal oh so much” kinda phase >.>

Skin: ~Mynerva~Night Drow
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Mimi Hair –
Eyes: Violet Studios – Firepit Eyes Stone
Tears: PMD – Crying2
Collar: [LH] Bestial Black Posture Collar
Tattoo: ~Cannibelle~ Patti Subscriber Gift
Armbands: .:A&M:. Bone Outfit
Cuffs: ..:: DeliciouS ::.. Picky
Wings: VS Maester II Wings
Top: [ SAKIDE ] Heart Keeper Dress for ZombiePopcorn Hunt
Panties: [ SAKIDE ] Slide/Slide ’em off Panties Black
Ripped Leggins: *Sheer* Leggings
Horns: [][]Trap[][] Xeno Black
Hooves and tail: Chrysallis Labs
Location: Chouchou


Back to normal

Or atleast normal for me, as I usually am some kind of demon in-world, and I feel I didnt quite make this skin look as good as it really is last time I showed it.

Skin: Bday Gift~Mynerva~Night Drow (free)
Hair: !lamb. Heart – Grayscale Pack
Eyes: REPULSE – Undead Eyes (Silver) (hunt, so free)
Make up: PMD – Make up set 2
Shirt: Zaara : Naina distressed shrug *black* (yay, sales)
Panties: [Sassy Kitty Designs] Slide Panties Black (gatcha machine, 25L)
Socks: [][]Trap[][] Fuzz Leggings Plain Black
Nails: :+*R*+: Nail Gouttes (Previous Twisted-hunt item)
Horns: /Wasabi Pills/ Inferno Horns
Hooves and tail: Chrysallis Labs
Collar and necklace: Cobrahive


Eh, I know I said I’d do less B&W pictures, so here is some colour..a little atleast :p

Skin: Bday Gift~Mynerva~Night Drow
Eyes: REPULSE – Nocturnal Eyes
Hair: Tiny Bird – Casimir Pulaski Day – Mixed Greyscale
Horns: .{Rue}. Horn’d/Confessor: Wraith pack (monochromes)
Dress: -Phoenix Rising- McQueen Tribute

Pictures taken at Delicatessen sim, do check it out, it is awesome

Something completely different

from the previous outfit, but since Ive been lazy with my blogging, I may just aswell post this look today.

Skin: -Glam Affair- CHIC Limited March – Mary on fire
Eyes: REPULSE – Nocturnal Eyes
Hair: >TRUTH< Mylie – reds
Shape: Mine
Jacket: [LWL] UNISEX Sex Jacket
Pants: *LeeZu Baxter* Lea Pants /black
Shoes: !Faint LL Triomphe Platforms
Nails: :+*R*+: Nail Gouttes
Posture collar: Cobrahive – Sureibu Collar
Necklace: Cobrahive – Beloved Thor
Body Tat: Mynerva