You’re no dame… I’m no duke…

So tomorrow is Valentines, a holiday I truly hate, especially when I’m single…Oh the joys, but, i decided I’d blog something cute and snazzy, so here goes… I grabbed my boy alt and got jiggy on some poseballs… He’s so cute, i would actually ride his face… Well, if he wasn’t me :P Anyways, on with the piccies, have a lovely V- day I hope all you loved up cretins die in a fire.

Look details!


Shape: mines

Skin: Lara skins- Emma pale

Hair: wasabi pills Kamiko in seafoam

Tattoos: pekka devil (throat) ][DK][ I love the way you lie (belly) Delusions glove tattoos star

Piercings: Pekka Crisis piercing (face, heavily edited) and Maniac ear piercings

Tights: Erratic fishnet tights white

Socks: Severed Garden (zombie popcorn hunt)

Lingerie: Boom – I promise (valentines edition 2011)

Shoes: N-core coquette spikes – clear pink


Shape: made by moi

Skin: Hemony Kriz

Jeans: Trapt

Tattoo: GoK Rock and Beer

And on a final note… This song… <3 I find incredibly romantic heh


You cant save me…

Well, hello there boys and girls… (I roll my r’s when i say this, makes for some odd requests while djing…) Anyways, hope all of you in bloggy land had wonderful Christmasses and New Years. Ive been a huge slacker recently, but luckily Shyn and Roth dont slack (yay) Aside from rping all the damn time at Fallen and harassing Alex I havent really been up to much :O Well… Shopping, but that’s a given, right? And in honour of my shopping addiction, here be my look of the day, it’s a random cross between madonna and lady gaga o.o :D


Shape: Mines!

Skin: Lara Hurley- Emma Pale

Hair: Catwa- Amylee Swedish

Piercings: Face: Pekka-Crisis (heavily modded): Neck: HoD: Bulletproof: Ears: Pekka Maniac: Ear Cuffs- Bellballs Pididdle cuff earrings

Necklace: Mandala- Fate

Nails and Rings: Mandala Sinra 2 -Red

Bodysuit: Glue Inc- Lady Lace

Gloves: Glue Inc- Ree Gloves

Pants: Cynful- Eve Britches

Shoes: Mstyle- Didi Pumps

Empty Streets…

I did it! I finally got a new skin!!! Well, ok, that’s a lie, since finding mima there have been a trillion skins in between, I tend to buy and go off them within a day… But alas! Paige has won me over, I’m in love with this skin, I mean I want to buy it dinner and uhh breakfast and do dirty, dirty things to it… I am a happy bunny! Opinions appreciated, although negative one’s will be ignored and you shall be off my christmas card list! =p Also, second pic down, doesnt the sim look purtty <3

Anywho’s I should get on with the look of the day really shouldn’t I? Not that you can see much…Aside from sexy ass skin!

Shape: Mines!

Skin: Illusory Paige chai

Hair: Vive9 Bruna dust & sugar

Tattoo: Para Designs Paisley Temptress

Piercings Pekka  (face) HoD (chest)

Earring: Glow studio Noir memories

Necklace: Mandala Karma

Shirt: Cynful Zone’s

Panties: Sakide Slide panties (omnomnom <3)

Tights: Mstyle dots

Stockings: Garter Nylons Torn

The shorter my skirt, the higher my heels…

Well howdy… Christmas is almost upon us and I can’t help but see all the happy joyous people, and yanno what! bah fucking humbug, I don’t know why but i’m just not in the christmas spirit, everything is so…Fake and comercial, I miss being a kid at Christmas, those were the days… Anywho’s this was my in character outfit for djing a christmas party at Fallen so I decided to take a few pics…

Shape: Mines!

Skin: Laq mima 2 peach

Tattoo’s: Para designs paisley temptress

Hair: Magika Safe (with christmas light addon)

Antlers: made by moi

Piercings: Back and chest-HoD, face-Pekka

makeup: Damned cateyes and nuuna’s

Shirt: Blacklace Laya bra and collar

Shoes: Mstyle Rivea in Rosso

Jeans: Luck inc low cut jeans Black

Send me an angel…

Do you believe in heaven above? Yeah… Me neither… Anywho’s, I was playing on the sim and of course, inspiration!

Fallen in my opinion is one of the hottest damn sims on the grid… Just saying :P So I came over all angelic and decided to throw together a look… And here it is! Oh and yeah, Dom made the sim snow… so, yeah, ho ho ho motherf***ers…


Shape: mines!

Skin: Laq Mima peach

Makeups: nuunas, damned

Hair: Burley Babs top, Ana bottom

Tats: para designs paisley temptress

wings : Archon

Shirt?: Zaara Naina distressed shrug

Skirt: Sn@tch Nightmare skirt

Necklace: Mandala Karma fem

Nails: Mandala palette long

Piercing: pekka crisis (heavily edited)

We have such sights to show you

Sorry, Hellraiser outfit, so I kinda had to use that title >.>

After much bugging from Roth, I finally did a Halloween-themed picture of us three bloggers :>

So yeah, enjoy Roth the stabbed vampire (0.O), Shyn the cenobite and that crazy bint in the background, aka my wifey Acacia.

Roth is wearing
Eyes :- Repulse – Living Dead Eyes
Hair :- Emotions – Undercut, black.
Hair Base :- **JOMO** – Etched Hair 08b & 08c stacked
Skin :- Tableau Vivant – Zero Halloween Group Gift
Pants & Belt :- <Abyss> Chaos Leather Pants and Belt
Neck :- Ama-Designs – Rusty Cross Necklace
Ear :- Knock! – Buffy Earring
Face Piercings :- Virtual/Insanity – Morbid Extravaganza and Cross-Eyed Piercing
Eyebrow Piercing :- Letis – G.G C003
Tape :- Sinistyle – Taped Fist
Knife :- Insanya – Kife Back (part of Zombiepopcorn hunt reward)
Boots :- L&B – Lace Ups Platform, Brushed
Tattoo :- Letis – Dichotomy
Bloody Eyes :- Pin Me Down – Zombiepopcorn hunt
Scars n scrapes :- Hysteria – Rock me deeper, – Repulse – Clawed Eye Face

on Acacia:
shape -mines!!! home made
skin- laq-mima-peach
hair- lelutka – mourray
eyes- den dou – vampire eyes gold
makeup- Nuuna’s face tattoos kitty
kyoot makeup cateyes-bardot
catsuit- slink vixen
piercing-pekka crisis (heavily edited)
tail- cattire neko tail simple
ears- catwise neko ears
collar- fet!sh ring station collar
necklace-hod-nothing’s necklace
lashes- redgrave-diva
chaisuki lashes26

And on Shyn:
Skin: -Glam Affair – Layla Light skin – my sweet vampire
Hair: -dDx- Aura – Dark Greys
Eyes: REPULSE – Nocturnal Eyes
Outfit: Hellraiser Bound (Little Britain Designs, full avatar)
Tattoo: PMD – Bloody mess and REPULSE – Bloodbath Full Body Tattoo
Boots: ::{Favole} Crypt

I’m learning to walk again…

Well I have hijacked my wifey’s fictional reality and decided to make it my own, well maybe not completely but from time to time (Like when I remember) I shall be posting some of my favourite Lotd’s, now of course my PS skills officially fail, so if i happen to have a decent looking pic, basically it means shyn did it, just sayin’ so, firstly… Lotd, it’s a close up, i just really dig this mofo’ing hair… :D

Allrighty, stuff:

Shape: Mines

Skin: Laq mima peach

Eyeliner: Pekka kitty red

Smexy Hair: Lelutka Victoria coal mine

Facial piercings: Pekka crisis (edited)

Necklaces: Hod nothing’s necklace, sinistyle shark tooth

Other piercing : Hod bulletproof

Gloves: Plastik Lipstick muse

Nails: Mandala

Shirt: mon tissu Cropped tank grey

annnnd, that’ll do for now… Wifey has said she will show me the ways of PS, so she shall be the obi-wan to my annoying blonde laddie, that ruined star wars -.- Until then, enjoy my fail pics <33